Fextish is your 100% free web community for trading, buying and selling all of yours sextoys, fetish and SM accessories !

Chers utilisateurs, je vous informe que le site fermera ses portes le 31/01/2019.

Dear users, I'm informing you that the website will close on 31/01/2019.
About Fextish

Fextish is a web community for exchanging sex accessories.

This website is 100% free and allows its members to get in touch with each other.

Rules of Use
  • Professional ads are not accepted without our prior consent. Contact us!
  • Fextish reserves the right to refuse an ad or to suspend the publication without notice or compensation to any advertiser.
  • Only ads for genuine products are authorized (electronic devices, CD, DVD, Bluray, brand clothes and accessories...).
    Selling copies is considered as a counterfeit and may be punishable upto 2 years of inprisonment and 300000 euros fine (article L335-2 of French Code of Intellectual Property).
  • Members are fully responsable for the content of his profile, ads and images they are publishing on the website.
    • The photos placed in advertisements should represent the property, or be royalty free or the property of the member.
    • If they include images of persons, the advertiser must have permission to use these individuals.
    • Photos of ads can be pornographic if they meet the requirements set out above. In this case, they will be visible only to the registered members.
    • The photo used as profile picture must also be royalty free. It can be a picture or a photo of a member itself, to the exclusion of anything else.
  • It's forbidden on Fextish:
    • to put personal datas (address, email, phone...) or weblinks on the headline or on the content of an ad.
    • to publish an ad for illegal items (drugs, illegal or dangerous substances, cosmetics, fireguns, weapons, explosives, hunting traps...).
    • to propose multiple items in an ad.
    • to publish multiple ads for the same item.
    • to submit an ad in any advertising purpose.
    • offer services on this site (massages, prostitution or other).
Privacy rules
  • By using Fextish, you agree that we can use your personal datas in order to provide you services offered by our website, accordance to the rules described here.
  • You can browse on our websites without telling us who you are or providing any information. When you provide us your personal information, you lose your anonymity. If you choose to provide it to us, you consent to the transfer and storage of such information on our servers.
  • We promise not to sell your information to any other person.
  • Our site uses cookies (files stored on your computer) for functional purposes only (no data collection).
  • According to the French law, you have the right to access and modify your data. To do so, simply use the form at the bottom of this page.
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